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A day @ DFS


up at 6am and we are out in the back paddock to have our breakfast and any medications and of course do our daily ablutions then after all our new friends have arrived we are out on the main property where we run, jump, chase, woof, dig mud pits, sometimes we play tennis too, and chew sticks until its bed tim. Around 7pm into the back paddock and then sleep time is at 9pm. We are usually waiting to go to bed by this time. If there is a storm Aunty Melody puts us away as sometimes we get scared. And if its hot we get to play in the sprinkler or go for a supervised swim. If its super hot apparently we need cool time out during the hottest part of the day. The oldies usually sleep under a tree while the young ones get busy checking all the 5.5acres and all the smells that go with it. There are lots!!

Oh and at Christmas we get Turkey bones so that we are keeping in with tradition. And at easter we get a doggy carob egg, YUM!

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