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Things you need to know​....

We ask that you bring the dried food that your best friend enjoys and a bed they will be comfortable on. If you do not have a bed, bring a large towel so we can make a bed. We give the dogs fresh bones during their stay unless otherwise requested.

Doggy Farm Stay is located in Middle Dural, Sydney, approximately 40 minutes from the CBD. We offer a pick up and drop your dog for a small transportation fee if you're in the greater Sydney area. This fee and the ability to collect your pooch will depend on availability. Please call Melody to confirm that this is an option for you?

Precious Pups

If your dog or Puppy is strictly an indoors pet, Melody has a specialised service that will allow you to be sure that your dog is kept safe and sound indoors while you're travelling. The Precious Pups has very limited spaces, as the dog remains in the house with the Family so if you need this service please book well in advance.


Let's face it your dog is on a farm and running around having a blast...they will be dirty when they get home. Doggy Farmstay has a range of grooming choices for your pooch before they come home.  Please discuss your options with DFS and we will make sure your special friend is clean for their trip home.

Pick up & Drop off

Pick up's and drop off are available for a fee.  If you unable to deliver you Dog or Pets out to Middle Dural, we may be able to coordinate a pick up and drop off.  This service is dependant on the area that you live in and is not guaranteed. The cost is $80 each way for the greater Sydney area.

Terms of Stay


There are terms and conditions which you as an owner must agree to before you pet can stay @ Doggy Farmstay.  You must print and sign the terms and conditions form.

The cost is per day per dog. Depending on your dog type, size & length of stay prices vary. Speak or email Melody about you and your dogs needs. (next Page)



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