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@ doggy farmstay...

More than 60% of our earnings goes towards funding our work with rescue dogs and other animals as this was and still is the primary reason we set up DFS.

We would also like to say that as such we are not promoters of breeders or puppy pet shops.   Should you or anyone you know be looking for a dog we are more than happy to help, at no charge. We will advise and help you source your new companion from various rescue associations. Contrary to popular belief rescue dogs are very greatful and are not all problematic. We have 6 of our own...


On our booking form can we please add that "in the case of a medical emergency and we are unable to contact the owners we need a $$$$ limit to which you the owner are prepared to spend. We appreciate this is an awful thing to have to consider but it is something that we need to know none the less". And in the event of such a situation occuring you are happy for us to make all necessary decisions.  Also please advise us if you have pet insurance,



Checking in your dog you will need

Vaccination certificate

Dry food and any special extras

Tic & Flea Collar

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Signed form from the website

Bedding (Pampered Pooch Only)

Medication if applicable

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More Info before you come....

Have your dog stay at a Farm and not in a kennel. At Doggy Farm Stay we are a dog boarding service where your dog is free to have the run of the 5 Acre farm.  Many other Dog Kennels keep your dog confined for hours a day, NOT at Doggy Farmstay, your pooch will have free run of the securely fenced farm. You can go away on vacation or business knowing that your dog will be happy with the freedom of Farmstay running about everyday. Your dog will be on holiday while you are. Melody and her family are committed so that your dog's experience is joyous and free for the duration of your pup's stay. The farm is fully fenced so your dog will be safe at all times. Each night the dogs stay indoors, in the comfort & safety of DFS sleeping quarters.


All dogs must be vaccinated. Not only as protection for themselves but also as protection for our other guests and residents. You will need to provide a current up to date vaccination certificate before or at the time of drop off/pick up.  Your dog must have a current C5 including the new intranasal Canine cough vaccine. All dogs must be fitted with a new tick collar, any of the top brands are fine. We also carry stock of these @ $25ea.  Dogs must be treated with Advantix, Frontline or similar for flea prevention.  Any current medication that they are on including clear instructions for how it is to be administered  and of course sufficient for the duration of their stay. We do not charge for administering any medication, but if your dog is a known trickster with their medication then we recommend a heads up.

You are more than welcome to supply your pets own bedding but due to the nature of DFS we cannot guarantee that it will be returned in the same condition, or at all in some cases. No bean bags or pillows as it is just too tempting!


We do not require a booking deposit but do ask that should you booking requirements change that you let us know as soon as possible. As we are only a small operation and someone will probably need your place.  Please let us know of any funny traits that your dog may have, including storms, cats, rain, fence jumping, food aggression, fear biting, barking, stick /ball obsession and so on. We fully understand that they like us all have their own idiosyncrasies and by being fully informed we can work with them.


Please supply your dogs regular dry food (no bowls) and anything special they like and we will add fresh meat and lamb, pork or turkey bones. Should you not want your dog to have any extras please let us know, and also should your dog have any food aggression issues with regards to “bone time”.


And any pre existing conditions, ie joint issues, depression, anxiety, fear of storms or loud noises, allergies, food aggression. All and any information you supply us with can only help us to give your fur baby a better stay here with us at DFS.

IF your dog has never been away from you before please consider a short stay a month before to help with positive association. Ie mum and dad drop us off and come back for us. We havent been abandoned!


Please note we do not accept cheques, transfers or credit cards. Cash only. We know its antiquated but we like to keep it simple. 


Due to our insurances and the well being of all our guests you are not permitted to mingle with the dogs including you own, at any time whilst on our premises. Should you like to know the reasoning behind this we will be more than happy to explain. But basically it is all to do with ownership and the fact that your dog will not be thrilled at sharing you with a dozen other fur babies. 



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